Grocery deliveries in Phuket



This are the top 5 grocery delivery services in Phuket, each offering a unique range of products and services:


A mega supermarket with an online platform and an E-wallet for easy payment and access to deals.

CP Freshmart

Offers a range of CP products including frozen meats, fresh fruits, and veggies, available through their app.


Known for its „pandamart & shops“ feature, providing grocery service from supermarkets and local shops.

Gourmet Market

A mega-market under luxury shopping mall chains like Siam Paragon and EmQuartier, offering a wide range of kitchen supplies online.


Widely known for its food delivery service, it also offers grocery delivery through its „Mart“ function on the app

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Luxury delivery in Phuket

Food Delite

An Italian gourmet store offering a range of Italian favorites like cheeses, pasta, and more.

Sourced Grocers

A combination of a restaurant and grocery store, known for meats and cheeses.

VIVIN Grocery

Offers a wide variety of high-quality ingredients, including pasta, Thai cheese, and rare jams.

El Mercado

Provides a variety of homemade sauces, tarts, salads, sandwiches, as well as a selection of wine, imported cheeses, and cold cuts.

Paleo Robbie

Caters to those with specific diets, offering high-quality sourced products, including meats and fish.

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